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Wui Chi House in Tung Wui Estate will not be used as a quarantine centre



Recently there are claims that the government was going to use the newly completed Wui Chi House in Tung Wui Estate as a coronavirus quarantine centre. The DAB was very concerned about this and met with officials from the Housing Authority (HA) on February 5th. HA officials replied that the Chief Executive has already said in her press conference on January 28th that the government has no intention to use newly completed and uninhabited Public Rental Housing buildings as quarantine centres. The HAhas no plans to use Wui Chi House as a quarantine centre and the erroneous reports are only rumours. Residents have no reason to be alarmed.

Wilson Or has noticed that many cleansing and security contractors at public housing estates lack sufficient anti-contagion products. Wilson hopes the government can help them procure related supplies such as masks, protective clothing and antiseptic products to ensure the continuity of service will not be disrupted by running out of these supplies.


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