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DAB announced poll on " Tenants Purchase Scheme Re-launch” and Initiative

March 20, 2024

We collected views of citizens on  " Tenants Purchase Scheme Re-launch”and conducted a survey in the housing estates in early March and successfully received 3,648 responses.


The poll results showed that the respondents had consensus over " Tenants Purchase Scheme Re-launch”. More than 90% (93.7%) of the respondents supported the scheme. More than 80% (85.5%) of the respondents said that they would consider purchasing the property they lived in if the scheme was re-launched.


The poll results showed that the citizens had a clear view. We recommended that the Government considered the " Tenants Purchase Scheme Re-launch”. We propose to enhanced the old scheme and launch 2.0 version. We also propose to suspend the Green Form Subsidised Home Ownership Scheme, and the units be used for rental purposes, to optimize the use of resources and increase housing supply, while balancing the needs of public housing residents and the waiting list applicants.


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