If DAB is likened to a tree, then its district branches can be considered its roots. Recognising that a tree with a lush canopy must first possess deeply-entrenched roots, DAB, as a political party whose commitment to Hong Kong is firmly entrenched, decided in its formative period, to open district branches all over Hong Kong. This widespread opening of offices has helped extend the range of its services to residents at district level.

In 1992 there were only 4 branches in the Western District on Hong Kong Island, central Kowloon, New Territories West and New Territories North. Subsequently in 1995 and 1998, following three large-scale election campaigns in Hong Kong, we galvanized support from the various districts, through which we built our network of contacts thereby consolidating our foundation at district level. In 2004, the number of our district branches increased to 18, providing a comprehensive coverage of services to all the 18 districts of Hong Kong.  Our district network coverage remains unsurpassed in scale, among all the active political parties, providing Hong Kong residents with more comprehensive services.

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