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Privacy policy

The DAB committed to protecting your data privacy.  No matter the data that are submitted by you via the DAB website ( or are collected by us through different channels, we pledge to comply with the requirements of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance.  We will not disclose your data to a third party without your consent.   We also will not collect information that would indentify you when providing the search results in the website.  

When you browse this website, our service provider will record your visit.  The collected information is only made available to us in the form of a statistical table and will be used for statistical purpose and investigation of computer system problems in order to enhance the surfing experience.   

The DAB will take appropriate measures to protect the security of the information.  However, the transmittion of information via the internet are not guaranteed to be 100% secure.  We have endeavoured to protect the information you submitted but cannot guarantee the security of the transmittion process of information that you transmitted to us or vice versa.  We will endeavour to keep the received data safe in our computer system, but you have to bear the risk of data transmission.  The provision of personal data is voluntary and will only be disclosed to third party organizations which are involved with your inquiry.  Failure to provide the data requested may mean that we are unable to follow up your inquiry.  


Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance 2012 has taken into effect.  We will continue to disseminate DAB's latest news to you through various channels by using your personal data that you have provided to us. 

If, at any time, you no longer wish to receive information from us, or you want to correct the information about you, you can opt out via any one of the following channels:
•    email us at
•    call to the DAB at 3582 1111
•    write to us at: 15/F, SUP Tower, 83 King’s Road, North Point, Hong Kong


Your unsubsciption will be effective within 10 working days.  If you have any query, please e-mail to

The DAB reserves the right to censor, edit and amend this policy without giving any reason or prior notice.  In the event of ambiguity between Chinese and English version of this policy, the Chinese version shall prevail.   

Terms of Use



The contents found on the DAB web ( are for reference only.  The DAB is not responsible for any loss or damage whatoever arising out of or in connection with any information on the DAB web.  The DAB reserves the right to omit, suspend or edit all information compiled by the DAB on the DAB web at any time in its sole discretion with giving any reason or prior notice.  You are responsible for making your own assessment of all information contained on the DAB web and shall verify such information by making reference , for example, to original publications and obtaining independent advice before acting upon it.     

Copyright ownership


Unless otherwise indicated, the contents found on the are subject to copyright owned by the DAB.  Prior written consent of the DAB is required if you intend to reproduce, distribute or otherwise use any content (including but not limited to photographs, graphics, drawings, diagrams, audio files and video files) found on the DAB web in any way or for any purpose.  Such requests for consent shall be addressed to the DAB via email at

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