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Edward Leung's team initiates “Clearance Operation” to inspect high-risk three-nil buildings

July 24, 2023

To tackle the urgent issue of dilapidated old buildings and the hazards posed by falling concrete, DAB Legislative Councillor Edward Leung Hei, in collaboration with the dedicated team from the DAB Hong Kong Island East, is joining forces with the esteemed Hong Kong Institute of Building Inspectors (HKIBI) to initiate a groundbreaking "Clearance Operation." This operation aims to leverage technology to inspect high-risk "three-nil buildings” in Hong Kong Island East.

Edward Leung, the driving force behind this commendable "Clearance Operation", acknowledges the numerous pleas for assistance from owners of aging buildings, particularly elderly residents who lack the means to carry out inspections and necessary repairs. Through this collaboration, the aim is to unite the efforts of the community and professionals, harnessing the power of technology to proactively prevent further incidents of falling concrete.

Professor Tony Yu, the founding president of the HKIBI, expressed his institute's wholehearted support and active participation in this significant "Clearance Operation." Employing advanced "Rapid Infrared Detection for External Walls" instruments, they aspire to conduct a streamlined "health check" on the "three-nil buildings”, identifying potential risks stemming from prolonged neglect.

Edward Leung emphasizes their understanding of the challenges faced by the government in inspecting all old buildings in Hong Kong within a limited timeframe. This visionary "Clearance Operation" embodies the essence of effective governance at district level, fostering collaboration among the government, business sector, and citizens to address complex and long-standing issues across diverse areas and sectors.

Media enquiries:

LegCo member Edward Leung (9665 0660)


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