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We request the Housing Department to strengthen their anti-epidemic measures



Covid-19 continues to threaten Hong Kong.  Legislative Councillor Wilson Or met with Deputy Director Ricky Yeung of the Housing Department (HD) alongside many DAB District Councillors and District officers on February 25th and proposed a series of anti-epidemic measures in public housing estates.  We also urged the Housing Authority (HA) to provide financial relief for eligible business tenants.  The measures are as follows:

1. Strengthen cleaning and disinfecting work in public housing estates

Provide clear guidelines for property management companies to enhance the environmental hygiene of the housing estates and estate shopping centres.  The government should allocate additional resources for cleansing and security contractors in public housing estates to procure anti-epidemic supplies, especially masks, protective clothing and antiseptic products.

2. Further reduce rent for business tenants

Due to the continuing negative impact of the coronavirus on the business environment, the HA should reduce rent for business tenants for at least another 3 months until June to help them navigate this difficult period.

3. Reduce rent for car parks

The virus outbreak has also affected the transportation industry.  The HA should reduce rents by half for car parks to relieve the pressure on tenants.


Media Inquiries: DAB Legislative Councilor Wilson Or (9266 1035)


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