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The DAB urges the EAC to plug the election guideline loopholes



Incidents of violence and unfairness flooded the 2019 District Council Election. DAB candidates had their offices violently vandalized with fire and water attacks while candidates themselves and their volunteers had had their identities and private information maliciously doxed and also suffered interference in public. However, the Electoral Affairs Commission (EAC) has made light of such serious incidents. It has not condemned any acts of violence or electoral unfairness, nor did it follow up on any complaints of electoral violence. This is extremely unfair to our electoral candidates and the people of Hong Kong are disappointed.

The 2020 LegCo election is coming and the EAC has released the proposed guidelines on Legislative Council Election for public consultation. The government should quickly plug the loopholes in the election guidelines and protect the rights and safety of candidates and voters in a way that adapts to social developments and trends.


Media Inquiries: Starry LEE, DAB Chairperson (7770 0820)


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