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Edward Lau welcomed Shenzhen's 18 enhancement measures of control points

August 8, 2023

The Shenzhen Municipal Government has recently unveiled an array of 18 measures designed to optimize the land border crossing environment and enhance convenience, with the ultimate objective of fostering deeper integration between the residents of both regions. DAB LegCo member Edward Lau Kwok Fun expresses his support for the proposed measures, which aim to enhance coordination and support between the border ports while elevating the overall passenger experience. Edward Lau ardently hopes for the swift implementation of these measures, as it will undoubtedly provide greater convenience for travelers.

Edward Lau particularly highlights the introduction of the "Frequent Traveler" program at the Luohu Port, which allows specific groups to enjoy seamless transit. This approach resonates with the forthcoming practices to be implemented at the future Fulong Port, specifically catering to innovation and technology professionals traveling between Shenzhen and Hong Kong.

Furthermore, Edward Lau notes with interest the establishment of a dedicated port office on the Mainland, responsible for overseeing immigration matters, land use, and development strategies around the ports. He believes that this approach warrants consideration by the SAR government. Given that the SAR government has already established the Northern Metropolis Co-ordination Office to oversee the development of the Northern Metropolis, it could potentially assume the responsibility of coordinating and planning not only immigration matters but also the development of supporting facilities within the port economic zone.

Edward Lau believes that the Hong Kong and Mainland task force responsible for the Northern Metropolis can significantly strengthen communication and coordination efforts. Through proactive engagement, they can strive for more convenient measures from the central government, expediting the implementation of initiatives that facilitate the development of the Northern Metropolis.


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