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The DAB received a positive response from the government on "joint boundary control system"

July 27, 2023

The DAB has previously put forward a comprehensive set of 19 suggestions aimed at streamlining customs clearance procedures. One of the key proposals is the implementation of a " joint boundary control system" (i.e. the "collaborative inspection and joint clearance" mode) in Hong Kong. In a recent development, we conducted meticulous observations and experiences related to customs clearance models at the Tsing Mau and Hengqin ports in Macao. Building upon these insights, today(July 23), DAB Chairperson Starry Lee, Vice-Chairpersons Chan Yung and Gary Chan, along with DAB LegCo members Edward Lau and Frankie Ngan, engaged in a meeting with Secretary for Security Chris Tang. During this productive session, we presented our recommendations for facilitating customs clearance and shared the invaluable findings gleaned from our visit to Macao.

Edward Lau expressed his satisfaction with the positive and specific response from Secretary Chris Tang regarding the appeals made by the DAB. Notably, the implementation of the " joint boundary control system " model at the rebuilt Huanggang Port and the future rebuilt Sha Tau Kok Control Point received favorable consideration. As for other ports, further study is required due to considerations related to port design. The government has expressed its commitment to gradually introduce the new model of customs clearance channels on a trial basis.

Deputy of the National People's Congress and LegCo member Chan Yung highlighted the DAB's intention to leverage the platform provided by the NPC to promote their suggestions. Moreover, he emphasized that NPC Standing Committee member Starry Lee will actively represent the opinions of Hong Kong residents, including advocating for the cancellation of the health declaration card (Black Code) for cross-border travel. These efforts aim to facilitate customs clearance procedures and foster enhanced exchanges between the two regions.


Media enquiries:

DAB LegCo member Edward Lau (9782 7408)

DAB Vice-chairman Legco member Chan Yung (9668 6095)


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