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The DAB supported the firm enforcement of the law by the National Security Department

July 3, 2023

The National Security Department of the Hong Kong Police Force has announced today (July 3rd) that they have obtained court approval to issue arrest warrants for eight individuals who have absconded overseas and are suspected of committing crimes under the Hong Kong National Security Law. Presently, the police are actively pursuing these fugitives. The DAB wholeheartedly supports the endeavors of the SAR government and the National Security Department in resolutely upholding the law. This pursuit is deemed a just action, undertaken in strict adherence to legal protocols.

The DAB emphasizes that safeguarding national security is of paramount importance to all residents of Hong Kong. The hard-won stability we currently enjoy must be cherished even more fervently. It is our duty to employ all necessary measures to ensure robust protection for national security, as well as the continued prosperity and stability of Hong Kong.


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