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New hopes for the New Year: Our proposals for the 2020-21 Budget

January 27th, 2020


In this New Year the DAB hopes that the government can implement the 10 measures as soon as possible to improve welfare and quality of life.  At the same time, we hope the Budget can promote measures to help the grassroots, middle class and SMEs.  Our proposals include the following:

1) Relief the financial burden on the people

  • Pay two months’ rent for public rental housing (PRH) tenants.

  • Provide two additional months of payment for recipients of the OAA, OALA, the Disabled Allowance, elderly CSSA, seniors aged 60-64 receiving elderly CSSA or the Employment Support Supplement, and the Working Family Allowance.

  • Provide a 2019/20 salaries tax and personal assessment exemption for up to $50,000 and waive the 5% handling fee for paying tax by instalments.

  • Exempt rates for 2020/21 for up to $2,500 per quarter for each tenant.

2) Narrow down the disparity between rich and poor

  • Provide health care vouchers for elderly aged 60-64.

  • Lower the threshold of the Public Transport Fare Subsidy Scheme from $400 to $200.

  • Promote a one-time infancy subsidy worth $12,000, set up children’s health care vouchers worth $2,000 per year per person.

3) Support the middle class

  • Set up a tax deduction for expenses incurred by hiring foreign domestic helpers.

  • Increase the child allowance from $120,000 to $132,000.

  • Lower the rates percentage charge threshold for owner-occupied residential properties and exempt rates for elderly homeowners.

4) Ease the financial burden on industrial and commercial enterprises

  • Exempt profits tax in 2019/20 for up to $50,000 and waive the 5% handling fee for paying tax by instalments.

  • Exempt business registration fee and related licensing fees for SMEs.

  • Reduce rates by half for an extra six months for government properties, and proactively liaise major property developers, the MTR and the Link REIT to join.

The DAB urges the government to prepare sufficient resources for measures fighting the COVID-19, quickly procure masks worldwide and sell them through designated retailers at set prices, or distribute them for free to the people via the Home Affairs Department.


Media Inquiries:

Holden Chow: 3703 9870 Chan Hok-Fung: 6099 3800​


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