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Launched Bid Farewell to Subdivided Housing 2.0

January 30, 2023

The DAB had always been concerned about the interests of subdivided housing tenants. We expected the goal of bidding farewell to subdivided housing could be reached, and tenants could leave subdivided housing by building more public rental housing, transitional housing, and supporting light public housing schemes. We put forward Farewell to Subdivided Housing 2.0 and urged the government to introduce measures with the goal of bidding farewell to subdivided housing, eliminating low-quality subdivided housing within five years. We also proposed recommendations to enhance tenancy control of subdivided housing.

Our Policy Objectives:

  1. Formulate a timetable and road map to bid farewell to subdivided housing in phases

  2. Implement the regulations on tenancy control effectively

  3. Bid farewell to low-quality subdivided housing through existing laws

  4. Reduce the demand for subdivided housing in the market

  5. Further regulate subdivided housing

Proposed six major initiatives to defend subdivided housing tenants:

  1. Step up efforts on law enforcement and eliminate low-quality subdivided housing within five years

  2. Establish initial rent and regularize Cash Allowance Scheme

  3. Establish a licensing system for subdivided housing and standardize fire safety standards and living area

  4. Formulate a roadmap to gradually reduce the number of subdivided housing within 10 years

  5. Enhance the policy on Light Public Housing and control the construction cost

  6. Enhance policy on transitional housing, including setting up a centralized platform to disseminate information; making use of the Community Care Fund to provide support services for subdivided housing tenants

Media enquiries:

LegCo member and Convener of Bid Farewell to Subdivided Housing Vincent Cheng (6373 1979)

LegCo member Starry Lee (9457 9853)


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