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DAB elected new leadership team and Gary Chan Hak Kan elected as the new Chairperson

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

September 25, 2023

Today (September 25), the DAB held its first meeting for the new Executive Committee and elected 21 members as Standing Committee members. The Standing Committee elected Gary Chan Hak Kan as the chairperson, Chan Yung, Chow Ho Ding, Holden, Chan Hok Fung, Quat Elizabeth and Chan Han Pan, Ben as the vice chairpersons, Ip Ngo Tung, Chris as the secretary-general, and Steve Chong Wai Ming as the treasurer. Additionally, the Standing Committee, after deliberation, appointed Yip Man Pan, Terry as the deputy secretary-general. The 10th Senate also held its first meeting today, where Lo Man Tuen was re-elected as the chairperson.

Gary Chan met with the media after the meeting with the leadership team. He first expressed his gratitude to former chairperson Starry Lee Wai King for leading the DAB and overcoming various challenges over the past eight years, allowing the party to continue growing. He expressed admiration for her contributions and dedication. He mentioned that since its establishment in 1992, the DAB has gone through an extraordinary journey of 31 years. From humble beginnings, it has grown from strength to strength. The DAB has always loved our country and Hong Kong, has been supporting our country’s reform and opening-up, and the great cause of the rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. The DAB has consistently been supporting the SAR government to govern according to law and has been committed to representing the aspirations of the society, standing together with the people of Hong Kong.

Gary Chan also mentioned that the task of the new leadership is to lead the DAB to unite, carry on the past with creativeness, take on responsibilities courageously, and work with various sectors of the society to forge a new era from stability to prosperity in Hong Kong.

Gary Chan said that we are currently in a new era of the national development, and Hong Kong has also entered a new stage of development for prosperity. In the face of these new changes, the DAB must become a cross-sector political organization that values the views of different social sectors, rather than just advocating for specific groups or individuals. Furthermore, the DAB must strive to become a cross-sector political organization for governance that actively plays a role in setting direction, building consensus, promoting development, enhancing cooperation, and improving governance.

Elevate Oneself, Build Hong Kong, Serve the Nation, Connect the World

Gary Chan has outlined four key areas of focus for the DAB’s future work. Firstly, it must enhance itself by strengthening various training programs and elevating the political, theoretical, and policy advocacy capabilities of its members. Secondly, it must contribute to the development of Hong Kong by firmly supporting the government to govern according to law, promoting economic growth, improving people’s livelihoods, and maintaining Hong Kong's unique position and advantages. Thirdly, it must serve the country by leveraging Hong Kong's strengths and supporting the nation's modernization efforts while opposing the hegemonic actions of the US and Western countries, and safeguarding national security and the prosperity and stability of Hong Kong. Lastly, it must connect with the world by enhancing relationships with people overseas, telling the good stories of China and Hong Kong, and promoting mutual understanding and win-win cooperation.

Gary Chan said that in this new era and at a new starting point, he deeply feels a great sense of responsibility, and he is determined to devote his full efforts and fulfill his duties with utmost responsibility. He expressed hope that all members of the DAB unite as one, strive to improve themselves, develop Hong Kong, serve the country, and connect with the world, playing a greater role in the successful implementation of "One Country, Two Systems".


Media enquiries:

DAB Chairperson Gary Chan Hak Kan (5275 5581)


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