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Edward Lau requested smoother land resumption process

October 8, 2022

LegCo member (New Territories North) and DAB Spokesperson on Development Mr. Edward Lau had always been concerned about land development and land resumption policies. He organized a site visit to the New Territories North with Secretary for Development Mr. Bernadette Linn today (Oct 8) and met with residents and workers who were rehoused by the government after the land resumption.

Edward Lau and Bernadette Linn visited three families in Po Shek Wu Estate, Sheung Shui. These families were all squatter residents affected by land resumption under the Northeast New Development Areas Planning and were rehoused and non-means tested. They thanked the government and Edward Lau for their help and expressed that the new living environment was good and convenient.

Edward Lau and Bernadette Linn then went to Hung Shui Kiu to site visit three brownfields industries which would undergo land resumption. Those brownfields were used for storing cranes, mobile elevating working platform and new vehicles. These industries had been rehoused and assisted by the Development Bureau to rezone the land.

Edward Lau stated that it is necessary for the government to open up more green areas for operators to reprovision their operations as about 800 hectares of brownfield sites will be resumed for the development of the Northern Metropolis.

Edward Lau understood housing needs topped the priority in land development, but many brownfield operations were also indispensable in Hong Kong. The government could play a more proactive role in implementing rehousing policies and make use of the flatted industrial buildings to rehouse brownfield industries so as to release more land.

Media enquiry:

LegCo member and DAB Spokesperson on Development Edward Lau (9782 7408)


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