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DAB leaders shared work plans: "strengthening the core" and "building Hong Kong"

March 18, 2024

The DAB stated in its New Year's Day declaration this year that the Alliance would have four work plans: Strengthening the cores, building Hong Kong, serving the country, and connecting the world. DAB vice chairpersons, Chan Hok-fung and Elizabeth Quat, Chief Secretary Chris Ip and Deputy Chief Secretary Terry Yip had a press conference and shared insights on "strengthening the core" and "building Hong Kong".


Chan Hok-fung stated that it was important for a political group to strengthen its core. The DAB established a "Human Resources Committee" to better manage DAB's "talent pool" and allow them to shine.


Elizabeth Quat was responsible for "building Hong Kong". The future direction for initiatives would be to develop the economy, improve people's livelihood, and improve people’s living standards. She stated that policy initiatives should be in-depth. LegCo members would the District councillors to promote cooperation and reflect peoples views, to ensure that polices were  pragmatic, feasible and effective.


Terry Yip  said that the DAB would merge its operation and publicity committees into the "Operation and Publicity Committee". He would manage petitions and other activities. The committee would also promote DAB’s work on Xiaohongshu.

Chris Ip stated that on district pointed out that at the district governance level, the Steering Committee on District Governance would strengthen contact with the DAB LegCol members and district councilors. LegCo members would gather public’s views through the district network.


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