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DAB's response to the "Private Subsidised Sale Flat - Pilot Scheme"

June 13, 2023

In last year's Policy Address, the Chief Executive announced the government's intention to launch the "Private Subsidised Sale Flat - Pilot Scheme (the Pilot Scheme)." This initiative aims to leverage the strength of the private market, including the involvement of private land, to increase overall public housing supply. Housing Spokesperson and Legislative Councillor Chan Hok Fung, on behalf of DAB, offered the following insights:

  1. DAB wholeheartedly welcomes and supports the government's launch of the Pilot Scheme.

  2. While we acknowledge the preemptive setting of the sales price at 65% of market value, we express concern regarding the absence of the requirement for "75% of units being affordable." We worry that this deviation may impact the affordability for Home Ownership Scheme (HOS) buyers.

  3. We raise the issue that if units under the Pilot Scheme no longer receive the HKHA's "mortgage guarantee," it could affect buyers, particularly those with lower or fluctuating incomes, in terms of their ability to apply for mortgages, the tenure of their mortgages, and the interest rates associated with them.

  4. Under the Pilot Scheme, it is crucial for the authorities to consider the development and management of commercial facilities in a manner that caters to the living needs of the residents.

Media enquiries:

DAB Housing Spokesperson, LegCo member Chan Hok Fung (6099-3800)


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