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YoungDAB discussed with the Political Assistant to the Secretary for Education on educational issues


On April 29th, the YoungDAB discussed taught master’s and PhD programs, living expenses loan for full-time postgraduates and e-learning with the Political Assistant to the Secretary for Education (PASE) Jeff SZE.

Hong Kong’s economy has been hit hard by the COVID-19 outbreak. The unemployment rate continues to rise and the labor market getting worse. Newly graduated university students find difficulties in finding jobs this year. The YoungDAB welcomes the “Targeted Taught Postgraduate Programmes Fellowships Scheme” (TTPPFS) launched by the University Grants Committee (UGC) that students of taught master’s and PHD programs can pursue further studies and improve their knowledge and competitiveness. The YoungDAB invites the UGC to expand the scheme to cover all registered taught postgraduate programs so that students from different backgrounds can get funding and facilitate job seeking in the future by choosing a program that fits their own career development needs.

As the youth unemployment rate is expected to rise, the employment and financial situation of newly graduated students are worrying. Most students have stopped their part-time jobs during the COVID-19 outbreak thus their income decreased significantly. We propose the government to set up a living expense loan for students in need to support their living.

Classes of primary and secondary schools remain suspended under the COVID-19 outbreak. To achieve “suspending classes without suspending learning”, teaching and learning at home are ongoing via live broadcasts and videos. E-learning has been promoted in Hong Kong for many years with somewhat disappointing results. Moreover, each school has provided support at different level on information technology. The YoungDAB urges the government to learn the lesson and review the policy and support for promoting e-learning. The EB should reorganize its teaching materials after the stopping of educational tv programs broadcast, and promote a unified e-learning program to alleviate the burden of home teaching on schools and teachers.


Media Inquiries:

YoungDAB Director Frankie NGAN (6600 2511)

Chairperson Noel SHIH (9544 8811)


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