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DAB welcome the LCSD's initiative to establish an electronic channel for collecting public opinion

July 6, 2023

Philip Li Ka Leung, DAB Executive Committee member and the Convener of the “Concern Group on Quality of Books in Hong Kong”, acknowledges the LCSD's responsiveness in embracing their proposal to establish a default form on their official website and create a dedicated email address for the purpose of collecting public feedback on the collections of public libraries. The establishment of these official channels serves to facilitate public oversight and ensures that library collections cater to readers of all age groups.

In addition, he proposes that the LCSD regularly disclose pertinent information regarding the number of inquiries received and cases handled. This transparent approach will enhance public understanding of the diligent efforts undertaken by the LCSD in addressing concerns related to questionable books.

We remain committed to promoting the highest standard of library quality in Hong Kong, and we commend the LCSD for taking proactive steps to engage the public and foster a conducive environment for literary exploration and enlightenment.

Media enquiries:

Li Ka Leung (6818 0178)


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