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YC Tam published a new book "40 Years of Tam's Political Journey: From Worker to NPC SC Member"

July 19, 2023

The Hong Kong Book Fair commenced today, and Tam Yiu Chung, Party Advisor of the DAB and the esteemed author of the newly published book "40 Years of Tan's Political Journey: From Worker to NPC Standing Committee Member," graced the Chung Hwa Book Co. booth to introduce his remarkable literary creation to avid readers. This momentous occasion witnessed numerous citizens enthusiastically purchasing the book on the spot and seizing the opportunity to capture cherished memories by taking photographs with Tam Yiu Chung as a cherished memento.

Tam Yiu Chung shared that he was inspired and encouraged by numerous friends and publishers to compile his life's experiences and political journey into a compelling narrative. His dedicated efforts to bring this vision to fruition began in August of the previous year, involving extensive research and meticulous work that spanned nearly a year until the finalization of the manuscript in early July of the present year, perfectly coinciding with the esteemed book fair.

Tam Yiu Chung emphasized that since news of his latest literary endeavor spread through the media, he has been overwhelmed by the remarkable support demonstrated by countless citizens. Several esteemed members of the Legislative Council have even pre-ordered multiple copies of his book, for which he expressed profound gratitude. Such resounding support serves as a testament to the deep appreciation and endorsement of his work.


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