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Wilson OR concerns about deserted school premises a hotbed for violent acts



Several men found three suspected explosive devices in a luggage in the old address of St. Joseph’s Anglo-Chinese School in Choi Shek Lane, Kowloon Bay this afternoon. The incident worried the residents of Kowloon Bay.

Legislative Councillor Wilson OR pointed out the incident reflecting the following problems:

1) there are loopholes in management and security of these deserted school premises.

2) schools may become a hotbed for violent acts since the improvised explosive devices founded at Wah Yan College in Wan Chai last year. The government and police should strictly crack down on this practice to prevent injuries or deaths on school grounds or during riots.

Wilson OR and the DAB team will meet with the Secretary for Education Kevin YEUNG and Secretary for Security John LEE urging them to plug security loopholes of deserted school premises where may become a hotbed for violent rioters.


Media Inquiries: DAB Legislative Councilor Wilson Or (9266 1035)


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