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We strongly censured teachers using hate speech against the Police



During the anti-extradition bill protests, more than 100 teachers constituted a breach of professional conduct by disseminating hate speech on social media.  The Education Bureau (EDB) issued warning or reprimand letters to some cases in order to warn against bad examples. However, hostility against the Police continues as a senior teaching staff member from Confucius Hall Secondary School made hostile remarks in an acrostic poem against the Police and their families which was posted on social media.

This is utterly unacceptable and we denounce any teachers or related staff such as this teaching staff member who neglect warnings from the EDB and breached professional conduct by using hate speech against the Police again.  We have learned in the school’s statement that an individual panel will be set up to investigate the case and that the teacher is temporarily suspended from work.  We think these preliminary approaches are appropriate and thereby urge the school in question to strictly investigate this case. The EDB should intervene if necessary and take disciplinary actions as appropriate.  At the same time, the EDB should review the current guidelines to prevent such incidents from happening again.


Media Inquiries: DAB Legislative Councilor Horace Cheung (9681-8757)

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