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American double standards have rebounded, and they get a taste of their own medicine


This past Wednesday, a group of Trump supporters charged into the US Capitol in Washington DC and fiercely clashed with local police causing many injuries and several deaths while 52 individuals were arrested.

DAB Legislative Councillor Elizabeth QUAT criticized US politicians for their double standards towards violence. Hong Kong underwent its chaos and riots over the extradition bill that shook law and order in Hong Kong in 2019. Many rioters severely vandalized the Legislative Council Complex. However, American government officials and a number of American senators along with their media supported these violent and illegal acts by naming miscreants as “heroes” and “fighters”; distorting “Hong Kong independence” and riots as “freedom, democracy and a movement for human rights” while smearing law enforcement actions as “infringing on freedoms”. Currently however when the American Capitol building is also vandalized, president-elect Biden immediately termed this a violent riot. Vice-President Mike Pence called in the National Guard to suppress the riots. This shows the hypocritical double standards of the USA and those who support violence get a hearty taste of their own medicine.

American Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi once referred to the Hong Kong riots as “a beautiful sight to behold.” This beautiful sight has now blossomed in the American Capitol building and across many American cities. Those foreign governments and groups who once supported the Hong Kong rioters and criticized the Hong Kong government now strictly condemn American protesters. The ugly truth is that these countries have joined hands with the USA to suppress China's development by unscrupulously hacking and destroying Hong Kong.


DAB Legislative Councilor Elizabeth Quat (9031 7995)


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