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Vincent Cheng responded to the prosecution following the Mirror concert accident

January 27, 2023

The Labour Department decided to prosecute three companies involved in the screen falling accident happened in the Mirror concert in July last year after an investigation. These companies were suspected of violating occupational safety and employee compensation ordinances and were prosecuted under 15 charges. DAB Home Affairs, Cultural and Sports Affairs Spokesperson and LegCo Member Vincent Cheng hoped that the Labour Department's legal action would make compel the industry to pay more attention to the occupational safety of stage performers, to provide a safe environment for employees to work in, and to take out employees' compensation insurance for employees.

Vincent Cheng pointed out that the government proposed a number of enhancement measures after the release of the concert incident investigation report in November last year, and the Leisure and Cultural Services Department would discuss with the industry the implementation details. He hoped the government would report in due course the progress of various measures to ensure the safety of government venues and stages.

Media inquiries:

DAB Home Affairs, Cultural and Sports Affairs Spokesperson and

Chairman of Panel on Home Affairs, Culture and Sports Vincent Cheng (6373 1979)


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