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The DAB urged to expedite review of library books in the interest of national security

May 2, 2023

The DAB has strongly urged the government to expedite the review of library books in order to prioritize national security interests. This call comes in response to the recent audit report released by the Audit Commission, which provides recommendations on the "Management of Public Libraries" to ensure the safeguarding of national security.

DAB LegCo members Chan Yung and Vincent Cheng, along with Lee Ka Leung, an executive member of the DAB and convener of the "Concern Group on Quality of Books in Hong Kong," recently held a meeting with Mr. Lau Chun, the Under Secretary for Culture, Sports, and Tourism, and Mr. Vincent Liu Ming Kwong, the Director of Leisure and Cultural Services, to express their concerns and share their views on the matter.

During the meeting, LegCo member Vincent Cheng proposed that public libraries consider incorporating ideas from libraries overseas to enhance their facilities and attract more visitors, particularly the younger demographic. Suggestions such as installing 3D printing rooms or studios were put forward as potential ways to revitalize public libraries and make them more appealing to the youth.

Lee Ka Leung further recommended the implementation of a "points deduction system." Under this system, books authored by individuals or published by companies that repeatedly violate laws pertaining to national security would not be procured by public libraries. This proposal aims to ensure that the collection of books remains in line with the principles of national security.

The DAB remains committed to working closely with the government to address these concerns and promote the necessary measures to safeguard national security in the management of public libraries.

Media enquiries:

LegCo member Chan Yung 96686095

LegCo member Vincent Cheng 63731979

Li Ka Leung 68180178


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