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Transportation and Planning Suggestions for Kowloon East & Central

April 12, 2023

After the development of areas such as Anderson Hill, Kai Tak New Development Area, and Cha Kwo Ling Village redevelopment project, at least 100,000 more people are expected to move to Kowloon East, and Kowloon East and Kowloon Central is anticipated to become a new strategic commercial and residential area in Hong Kong with huge development potential.

After collecting views from local residents and consulting experts, DAB has put forth several suggestions on transport networks, ferry supporting facilities, underground shopping street infrastructure in the area, as well as long-term planning of the waterfront promenade, including:

1. Improving the transport network by introducing new mass transport systems

2. Integrated development of Kwun Tong Wharf Station and construction of new landmark buildings

3. Improving the infrastructure of the underground shopping street corridor in Kai Tak

4. Promoting planning and development of the Kowloon waterfront

Media enquiries:

LegCo Members Starry Lee (9457 9853), Frankie Ngan (6600 2511), Vincent Cheng (6373 1979), Or Chong Shing, Chairman of the Kwun Tong District Council and Chairman of the DAB Kwun Tong Branch (9501 9899)


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