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Total annihilation in politics harms Hong Kong


A joint statement of the establishment camp


Councillors in the establishment camp accused the statements made by Dennis KWOK himself and by the opposition parties in the press conference of misinterpreting the Basic Law and misleading the public.

The fundamental policy of the Central Government towards Hong Kong is to uphold the sovereignty, safety and interest of the Nation and thereby maintain the long term prosperity and stability of Hong Kong. Therefore, it is only a matter of course for both the Hong Kong and Macau Affairs Office (HKMAO) and the Central People Government's Liaison Office in the HKSAR representing the Central Government to speak out on the shutdown of the House Committee that hampers the operation of the LegCo by way of filibuster and attempting the “total annihilation” of Hong Kong.

Dennis KWOK saying that the Council is not paralyzed because the funding bill was passed in LegCo is also misleading. Other than passing the funding bill, the LegCo’s functions of examination and enactment of laws are hampered by the shutdown and total annihilation such that 14 major pieces of legislation and over 80 pieces of subsidiary legislation have been affected. In fact, the funding bill was passed purely due to the hard work of the Finance Committee. The opposition is ridiculous and devious in saying that they have not tried to block the process of LegCo.

We have to emphasize that the opposition has already admitted of their attempt at putting political pressure on the government by prolonging the election of the House Committee chairperson. Trying to drag Hong Kong to the abyss is their handiwork. We demand the likes of Dennis KWOK to stop his red herrings and sophistic explanations.

Facing the likes of Dennis KWOK and their constant attempts to drag Hong Kong to the abyss, councillors of the establishment camp will use all possible means, including pushing a motion of no confidence in Dennis KWOK, amending the rules of procedure and urging the Chairs of the both LegCo and last year’s House Committee to deal with the total annihilation within the Council. At the same time, we request the Department of Justice to proactively investigate whether Dennis KWOK is in contravention of article 104 of the Basic Law in regards to breaking the terms of his oath and is therefore guilty of malfeasance in public office.


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