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The DAB responded to the bribery over the airport’s three-runway system project

February 15, 2023

The ICAC announced the progress of the corruption investigation in relation to the three-runway system project. Eight people were charged for bribery and money laundering. DAB Vice-chairperson and LegCo member Gary Chan believed the ICAC’s quick investigation and prosecution after receiving complaints reflected good results on its anti-corruption work.

Gary Chan noticed that many short-term contractual employees being recruited in many large-scale projects are weak in anti-corruption awareness as they might not have received anti-corruption training provided by relevant institutions. Gary Chan hoped that the ICAC would put more effort into strengthening anti-corruption training for short-term contractual employees.

In the next five years, many projects related to the Hong Kong International Airport would be completed. Gary Chan requested related public institutions, including the Airport Authority, to enhance their internal anti-corruption policies and strengthen their anti-corruption training for management team and employees to increase public’s confidence.

Media enquiry:

DAB Vice-chairperson, Chairman of LegCo Panel on Security Gary Chan (2524 9191 / 5275 5581)


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