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Lau Kwok Fan in collaboration with government officials embarked on an inspection of San Tin

July 20, 2023

On the 19th of July, DAB LegCo member (New Territories North) Edward Lau Kwok Fan, in collaboration with David Lam, Under Secretary for Development, Vic Yau, Director of NMCO, along with several officials from the Civil Engineering and Development Department and the Planning Department, embarked on a visit to the rural regions encompassing the San Tin district. During this excursion, they engaged in meaningful discussions with representatives from the San Tin Rural Committee, including Chairman Man Luk Sing, Vice Chairman Lai Chi Chiu, and Man Kwai Sau. This productive exchange served as a platform for sharing valuable insights on future rural development strategies. Edward Lau urged government officials to enhance communication channels with the rural communities in the Northern Metropolis and advocated for the promotion of a pioneering model of urban-rural integration. Furthermore, he proposed the implementation of a pilot scheme for the transformation of "houses" into "apartment”, while also advocating for a land exchange policy for industries. These suggestions, rooted in the concept of utilizing innovative planning tools, aim to expedite the comprehensive development of the Northern Metropolis.

Edward Lau highlighted that the development of the Northern Metropolis will inevitably involve significant land acquisition procedures. Considering this, he earnestly implored the government to contemplate the transformation of "houses" into "apartment”, a strategic move that would not only serve the interests of ancestral halls and original residents but also maximize the potential of available land resources. To foster a comprehensive understanding of the development strategy for the Northern Metropolis among the general public, the DAB has proposed the establishment of an exhibition hall within the district, serving as an informative platform for dissemination.


Media enquiries:

LegCo member Lau Kwok Fan (9782 7408)


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