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Gary Chan recommended KMB to expand the usage of their charging facilities

August 6, 2023

On August 4th, DAB's Vice-chairperson and LegCo member, Gary Chan Hak Kan, embarked on a visit to the Kowloon Motor Bus (KMB) Kowloon Bay depot, accompanied by some youth participants from the YoungDAB’s “Aide Programme”. The purpose of this visit was to witness firsthand the exceptional double-decker electric buses, specifically designed and manufactured by BYD for Hong Kong.

Gary Chan extended a warm welcome to KMB for their commendable efforts in developing electric buses and reducing emissions on our roads. He expressed his full support for KMB's visionary plan to establish charging facilities in various locations throughout Hong Kong. It is worth noting that the DAB had previously proposed the idea of expanding the usage of these charging facilities at bus depots to encompass other forms of public transportation, including electric taxis and minibuses. Encouragingly, KMB has already applied to the government, seeking permission to allow other commercial vehicles to utilize their charging infrastructure.

Drawing attention to the fact that buses typically charge at depots during nighttime hours, Gary Chan astutely highlighted the opportunity to maximize the utilization of idle charging facilities during the day by extending access to minibuses and taxis. By doing so, we can enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of these facilities, while also promoting the electrification of other public transportation vehicles. He hoped that the government would support this proposal and swiftly approve KMB's application. By embracing this initiative, Hong Kong can make significant strides towards achieving our carbon neutrality objectives, safeguarding the environment for future generations.


Media enquiry:

DAB LegCo member Gary Chan (5275 5581)


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