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Fun for a Thousand Families 2018

Updated: Jul 16, 2020



To express our concern for families from the grassroots, the DAB Family Affairs Committee and the ShineTak Foundation held the “Fun for Thousand Families 2018”. Over 3,000 family members from grassroots backgrounds attended the Great European Carnival for free. This is the fourth year that we have held this event which has always been welcomed by these families as an opportunity to have some fun together during the holidays.

The opening ceremony officiated by Commerce and Economic Development Bureau Political Assistant Bernard Chan Pak-Li, ShineTak Foundation chairperson Christy Tung Ng, DAB Chairperson Starry Lee, DAB Party Affairs Advisor Tam Yiu-Chung, DAB Vice Chairperson Brave Chan, Gary Chan, Holden Chow, DAB Vice Secretary Chan Hok-Fung, DAB Vice Secretary Hung Kam-In, DAB Family Affairs Committee Chairperson Jacqueline Chung and YoungDAB Chairperson Ngan Man-Yu.

In her speech Starry Lee thanked the ShineTak Foundation for their many years of sponsoring this event to allow grassroots families to enjoy the Great European Carnival. She pointed out that the DAB Family Affairs Committee has always promoted family-friendly policies and last year proposed to set up the Children’s Affairs Committee alongside other organizations. Recently while discussing homework policy on the Education Panel within Legco, we requested the government to squarely face the issue of too much homework, to research how different countries deal with this issue and provide the little ones with a happy childhood. At the same time, we will continue working hard to promote family-friendly policies and take care of the pressures and needs of children.

Bernard Chan said that he hoped the various sectors of society can hold similar meaningful events and bring a vision of love and mutual help to every corner of society. Everyone just needs to walk the extra mile and Hong Kong society can enjoy more positive energy and hope. Christy Tung Ng said that this event was full of vitality and fun and that she hoped families from grassroots backgrounds can enjoy some fun during the holidays and build up family relationships.

Through their enthusiastic response to this event, grassroots families were able to enjoy some fun at the carnival through the assistance of the DAB district branch offices.


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