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Edward Leung and victims of credit card fraud urged to strengthen protection

April 20, 2023

Edward Leung, Nicholas Muk the Vice-chairman of the Wan Chai Branch of the DAB, and Elaine Chik the community officer, held a press conference urging for more protection from credit cards system after meeting with representatives of the HKMA and HSBC respectively.

Edward Leung recently met with the HKMA previously and raised the issue of different banks having different definitions of gross negligence. He hoped banks would have a standardized and clear handling of this. The HKMA promised to follow up.

At a press conference, Leung Hei reminded citizens to regularly check if their credit cards are lost and to review their credit limits, making adjustments when necessary. When a credit card is lost, it is imperative to immediately report the loss to the bank and the police. If the loss is not reported, the cardholder will be held responsible for any unauthorized transactions.

Media enquiry:

LegCo member Edward Leung (9665 0660)


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