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DAB’s responses to the Strive and Rise Programme

August 22, 2022

The Chief Secretary for Administration, Mr. Chan Kwok-ki held a press conference on the Strive and Rise Programme launched by the Task Force to Lift Underprivileged Students out of Intergenerational Poverty. The activities of the programme could be grouped into five aspects, namely an orientation session, basic training, mentor-mentee interactive sessions, diverse group activities, and a graduation ceremony and extended network building. The DAB expressed support for the programme proposed, believed that the mentees would benefit from the programme and develop a positive outlook on life.

DAB had further recommendations on the programme:

  1. Expand channels for referral

  2. Provide adequate training for mentors

  3. Support family-oriented

  4. Set up a waiting list to prevent mentees from being disappointed

  5. Extend the duration of the programme;

  6. Add China’s national circumstances element into the developing a positive outlook on life

Media enquiries

DAB LegCo member Chan Yung 9668 6095

DAB LegCo member Stanley Li 9797 7393

DAB LegCo member Lillian Kwok 5541 8128


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