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DAB organized a forum on "Consolidating HK's status as an international city for global changes"

October 6, 2022

The DAB organized a forum on "Consolidating Hong Kong's status as an international city for global changes in a century" today(Oct 6). The Chief Executive Mr. John Lee delivered a speech via zoom and the Financial Secretary Mr. Paul Chan officiated at the opening. Speakers included Bay Area Hong Kong Centre Research Director Professor Wang, Chief Economist of the Bank of East Asia Mr. Choi, Vice Chairman of eBRAM Mr. Sum. The forum was jointly hosted by Deputy to the National People's Congress and DAB vice-chairperson Mr. Chan Yung, DAB vice-chairperson Mr. Holden Chow, LegCo member Mr. Ben Chan and Hong Kong member of CPPCC and LegCo member Mr. Rock Chen.

Chief Executive Mr. John Lee stated in his speech that the coming five years would be a critical period for Hong Kong to set a new scene. Hong Kong would continue to strengthen its established advantages, better develop emerging economies and use its strengths to contribute to the nation.

The Financial Secretary Mr. Paul Chan stated that Hong Kong had still many opportunities as the focal point of economic development moved from the west to the east and Hong Kong’s unique advantages were strengthened and preserved under one country, two systems.

Professor Wang said that Hong Kong has to strengthen its function as an aviation hub to maintain and consolidate its role as a super-connector. Mr. Choi said that Hong Kong’s financial sector could develop a technology financial platform and a green financial center

serving the Greater Bay Area. Mr. Sum said that the government can help promote a more convenient e-mediation platform to encourage all sectors of the society to use the service.

DAB Chairperson Ms. Starry Lee concluded that the DAB had been promoting Hong Kong's integration into the national development and contributed to the Greater Bay Area by submitting proposals in the plenary sessions and the LegCo. The DAB would continue to urge the SAR government to strive for quarantine free travel to the mainland and to better integrate into the national development.

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