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DAB met with Chief Secretary for Administration to address intergenerational poverty

August 2, 2022

The DAB met with Chief Secretary for Administration Mr. Chan Kwok Ki to express support for the framework of the scheme addressing intergenerational poverty. We believed that students will be able to grasp opportunities for upwards mobility and be lifted out of intergenerational poverty through the scheme. At the same time, we put forward nine recommendations and hoped that they will be accepted by the Government, so that the scheme can achieve more fruitful results.

The nine recommendations included:

  • Expand channels for recommendation;

  • Extend the duration of the scheme;

  • Add a “saving money” element;

  • Set up a reward mechanism;

  • Introduce diverse volunteer mentors;

  • Support family-oriented;

  • Instill positive values;

  • Make connections in the Greater Bay Area; and

  • Perform ongoing evaluation.

Mr. Chan Kwok Ki responded positively to DAB's recommendations and agreed to the importance of instilling positive values. He mentioned that he was also born to grassroots family and positive thinking will help students face adverse situations, and fully grasp opportunities to achieve upwards mobility.


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