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DAB LegCo members visited families living in subdivided housing units with Mr. Chan Kwok Ki

August 7, 2022

Mr. Chan Kwok Ki, the Chief Secretary for Administration, accompanied by DAB LegCo members Chan Yung, Lillian Kwok and Ben Chan visited families living in subdivided housing units to learn more about difficulties on studies or living faced by their children.

DAB vice-chairperson and LegCo member Chan Yung was happy to see the Chief Secretary for Administration meet with residents in person and believed that this would help the Task Force to Lift Underprivileged Students out of Intergenerational Poverty map out more refined measures. The DAB also set up a "shadow group" and will work with the Government to solve the problem of intergenerational poverty through conducting research and putting forward recommendations.

Lillian Kowk, DAB Spokesperson for Education and LegCo member, commented that “Birth is much, but breeding is more" and every young person possesses talent and should be nurtured.

DAB LegCo member Ben Chan encouraged more government officials to meet with people in person so as to better gauge the public sentiments when formulating policies.

Media enquiries:

DAB LegCo Member Chan Yung 9668 6095

DAB LegCo Member Lillian Kwok 5541 8128

DAB LegCo Member Ben Chan 9274 7035


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