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DAB Family Affairs Committee responded to textbooks expenses increase exceeding inflation rate

September 15, 2022

The DAB Family Affairs Committee (the Committee) was always concerned about expenses incurred by students when school starts. According to an earlier survey released by the Consumer Council, the increase in average expenses by primary and secondary school students to purchase textbooks, supplementary exercises and other learning materials was significantly higher than the inflation rate of 1.7% over the same period.

The Committee proposed the government to subsidize schools in purchasing "shared textbooks", publish simplified versions of textbooks for schools, and encourage schools to use more e-books in order to lower students’ textbooks expenses. Frankie Ngan, the Committee chairperson and LegCo member, also suggested the government to provide book vouchers for students, encouraging them to read, and introduce tax allowances for children's education expenses to alleviate parents' financial pressure.

Media enquiries:

The DAB Family Affairs Committee chairperson and LegCo member Frankie Ngan (6600 2511)


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