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DAB Caring Fund “Caring For You” Campaign

Updated: Jun 17, 2020



The DAB Caring Fund set up the “Caring for You” campaign to provide financial assistance to residents heavily affected by the Covid-19 outbreak. DAB Legislative Councilors altogether donated a total of $3 million while we also invited party members, different sectors of society and the public to donate to the fund to render support to more families.

DAB Chairperson Starry Lee says that the Corid-19 outbreak has heavily affected the economy of Hong Kong and the employment of many people in the city.  The DAB has continuously received calls for help from the grassroots that they have lost their jobs due to the virus and that this is affecting their daily lives. Even though the government has set aside $30 billion for the Anti-epidemic Fund, people who have lost their jobs did not benefit from the first round of dispensations by the fund.  Therefore, the DAB raised $3 million and set up the “Caring for you” campaign to help those who have lost their jobs or are underemployed.

Applicants for the “Caring for you” campaign must prove that they lost their jobs during the outbreak, that they are not CSSA recipients, that they have children aged 18 and under and that they are undergoing financial difficulty at this time.  The campaign is organized through DAB branch offices and successful applicants are decided by branch office directors.  Each family that successfully applies for the campaign will receive anywhere from $2000 to $5000 according to each individual situation.  We estimate that 600 to 1500 families would benefit from the campaign.

The campaign will start receiving applications from next week until the end of March.  The fund will be expedited as quickly as possible out of principle and we hope to put the money in the hands of applicants in need as soon as possible.  We will announce the final arrangements when we finish organizing the exact content and requirements of each application.

DAB Chairperson Starry Lee emphasizes that this fund has its limits and that the outbreak will continue for some time.  Therefore she urges members of society to donate to the fund and then the DAB will announce further relief measures according to the donations received.


Media Inquiries: Starry LEE, DAB Chairperson 7770 0820


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