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Concerns on the explosives being found at deserted school premise in Kowloon Bay



Legislative Councillor for Kowloon East Wilson OR met with Secretary for Education Bureau Kevin YEUNG alongside a DAB team from Kowloon East today (May 7th) expressing their grave concerns on explosives being discovered at the old school grounds of St Joseph’s Anglo-Chinese School on Choi Shek Road. They urged the EB to plug security loopholes at deserted school premises where may become a hotbed of violence.

Kevin YEUNG pointed out that the deserted school in question has already been slated to be handed over to Ping Shek Estate Catholic Primary School after a large-scale renovation which will take at least another 3 to 4 years upon the approval of funding from the Legislative Council.

Wilson OR handed a petition letter to Kevin YEUNG urging the EB to strengthen the management of deserted schools. Kevin YEUNG responded that 24 hour security measure has immediately implemented at the site in question and promised that he will follow up on holding a risk assessment and increase the security measures as required to prevent this incident from happening again.

On the other hand, Legislative Councillors Ben CHAN and Steven HO also raised their concerns on some middle school teachers twisting and distorting the historical facts of the Opium Wars in a Chinese history video. The DAB urged the EB to strengthen its monitoring efforts to ensure the quality of teachers and educational material. Kevin YEUNG reiterated that the content shown in the video is clearly deplorable that he will strictly follow up on the issue.


Media Inquiries: DAB Legislative Councilor Wilson Or (9266 1035)


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