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YoungDAB released results of the survey on "Knowing the country and Integrating into the GBA

August 14, 2022

The YoungDAB conducted an online questionnaire survey from 24 June, 2022 to 8 August, 2022 on "Knowing the country and Integrating into the Greater Bay Area". It received 465 valid responses and released the survey results and recommendations today.


  1. Over 60% of the young respondents agreed or strongly agreed that their ethnic identities are Chinese (64.2%)

  2. Over 70% of the young respondents visited the mainland at least once a year or more, and nearly half visited the mainland over ten times before the covid-19 pandemic hit the city

  3. More than one-quarter of the respondents believed that the most outstanding achievement of the country was “lifting people out of poverty”

  4. Respondents (41.6%) replied that the most attractive reason for moving to the Greater Bay Area was to start a business


  1. Set up more quarantine hotels in Hong Kong to facilitate young people seeking development in the Greater Bay Area

  2. Enhance young people’s identification with their Chinese ethnic identity and deepen their understanding of the country, such as organize short exchange trips to the mainland for young people to take part in

  3. Utilize more promotion channels including social media to shape a positive narrative of China

  4. Strengthen education relating to One country, Two systems

  5. Provide more support to young people who are interested in starting a business in the Greater Bay Area

  6. Assist young people to buy property in the Greater Bay Area

  7. Support Hong Kong youths to pursue studies in the mainland

Media contacts:

YoungDAB Chairperson Noel Shih (9544 8811)

YoungDAB Vice-Chairperson (Policy Research) Daniel Chan (9630 4122)

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