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The YoungDAB boosts DSE students’ morale

Updated: Jun 5, 2020


YoungDAB Director Frankie NGAN, Chairperson Noel SHIH and Deputy Chairpersons Nicholas MUK and Victor LAU handed out anti-epidemic packs outside schools at noon today. The packs included 5 masks and 1 bottle of hand sanitizer.

Frankie NGAN said that the epidemic has exerted considerable psychological pressure on students taking the DSE this year. The changes of exam schedule also disrupt

the study schedules of students. Therefore, they hope to boost DSE students' morale, remind them to maintain good personal hygiene and take preventive measures while preparing for the DSE.


Media Inquiries:

YoungDAB Director Frankie NGAN (6600 2511)

Chairperson Noel SHIH (9544 8811)


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