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The motion "Integrating assos of Chi fellow townsmen into the district governance system was passed

March 16, 2023

DAB LegCo Election Committee member Rock Chen proposed a motion in the Legislative Council urging the government to support integrating associations of Chinese fellow townsmen (associations) into the district governance system, appoint talented individuals from associations to join district advisory organizations, promote closer cooperation between district offices and associations, appropriately allocate resources to encourage associations to carry out district services, and support association volunteers to participate in "District Services and Community Care Teams". The motion was passed unanimously by Legislative Council members.

Rock Chen said that to integrate associations into the district administration system, three major issues must first be resolved. First, associations need to strengthen volunteer training work; second, associations and district officers need to establish regular communication channels; and third, the government should appropriately allocate resources to provide funding to qualified associations and other district organizations to help complete the government's district work plans.

Rock Chen supplemented that associations are familiar with the conditions in the Mainland. In order to fully integrate into the overall development of the nation, associations can play a role in bridging and leading the way. In the future, he will lobby the government and mainland departments to strengthen cooperation between associations and government departments.

Media enquiries:

DAB Financial Affairs Spokesperson and LegCo Member Rock Chen (5398 3885)


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