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The first ride on Tuen Ma Line



The Tuen Ma Line (TML) Phase 1 has been commissioned today. DAB Legislative Councilor Wilson Or, Elizabeth Quat, Ben Chan along with other DAB members conducted a visit to the Line to better understand the service and facilities of the new railway line.

Facilities and Signage

Elizabeth Quat was pleased to see the baby care rooms that she fought for many years to create were finally set up in Hin Keng, Diamond Hill and Kai Tak Stations. Nevertheless, signs for interchange and baby care rooms are not clear enough and need improvement. She hoped that the MTR will extend these baby care rooms and toilets to other stations and add more user-friendly facilities to cater for the needs of the public.

Fares and Shop Rental

Ben Chan said that the fares of West Rail are more expensive than the East Rail. He hoped that the fares of the West Rail can be reduced as now the new line links up the two rails. With the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, property developers have announced a rent reduction. The MTR whose majority shares are held by the government should perform its social responsibility to reduce shop rentals.

Take note of the capacity

Wilson Or worried that the TML will increase the burden on the Kwun Tong Line and fill the already full Kwun Tong Line to unbearably high levels. He urged the MTR to take timely measures.

According to the Railway Development Strategy 2014, the government recommended the East Kowloon Line project. However, residents of Kowloon East have waited for years without any further announcement on this proposal. Wilson urged the government to expedite the implementation of this project to match the housing development of the areas and ease the pressure on the Kwun Tong Line.

Make the entire line operational as soon as possible

Ben Chan again expressed the views of residents living around Sung Wong Toi and To Kwa Wan stations that the MTRC provide fare subsidies on the line and provide free shuttle bus services to and from Kai Tai and Ho Man Tin stations.

Anti-virus contagion work

MTR stations and compartments are high-trafficked. DAB Legislative Councillors expressed their concern regarding anti-virus contagion work performed by the MTR and they hope that escalator handrails, lifts, ticket machines etc. should be sterilized at least once every hour. The MTR should also increase hand sanitizer supplies to protect the health of commuters.

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