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The DAB welcomes the second phase of the Anti-epidemic Fund



The government announced the second phase of Anti-epidemic Fund involving $137.5 billion with a target of helping businesses stay afloat and keeping workers in employment. It will cover those industries that are left out of the first phase of the Fund. The DAB welcomes the second phase as it is a step in the right direction.

Under the Employment Support Scheme, the employers receiving the funding have to promise that there will be no redundancy. We hope that the second phase of the Fund can truly help protect employees.

However, in regards to the government planning to relax the asset limits for CSSA and allowing the unemployed to apply, we believe it is well-intentioned but set the threshold too strictly. The government should further relax the asset limits for more unemployed people to benefit.

On the other hand, the government’s promise of further reducing rents and fee at government premises takes a leading role and we urge the private landowners to heed the call of society and reduce rents to get through the difficult times together.

Looking back at the experience of implementing phase one of the Fund, we expect the second phase will be submitted to LegCo Finance Committee for approval in mid-April. We call on the opposition parties to refrain from blocking the bill and figuratively stepping on the hands of people and businesses barely hanging on to a cliff.

Finally, we hope the government will announce the implementation details of this phase as soon as possible to provide timely relief for desperate industries and people. After the details are announced, we will contact various industrial sectors along with the general public and gather their opinions and advice on phase two of the Fund.


Media Inquiries: Starry LEE, DAB Chairperson (7770 0820)


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