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DAB welcomed the cancellation of issuing isolation orders

January 19, 2023

The government announced that the compulsory isolation arrangement for infected persons will be cancelled from January 30. DAB Health Services Spokesperson and LegCo member Edward Leung considered the government adjusting anti-epidemic measures according to the epidemic situation, and to lead the society to resume normalcy in a flexible manner.

Edward Leung stated that infected persons recovered at a different rate. Some received negative results within two days after being infected, but some were asymptomatic. The new arrangement allowed flexibility for infected persons to decide when to resume work or studies according to their condition. This would unleash the labour force and helped the society to resume normalcy. Infected persons could still obtain paid sick leave with doctors’ certificates. This would better suit the needs of the society.

Edward Leung expected the government to adjust the remaining anti-epidemic measures in due time with a pragmatic attitude, such as to strive for the mainland to replace nucleic acid testing arrangement with RAT, and to remove the mask wearing requirement after the winter influenza season.

Media enquiries:

DAB Health Services Spokesperson and LegCo member Edward Leung (9665 0660)


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