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The DAB urges the Chief Executive to strengthen anti-epidemic measures

January 28th, 2020


Today (January 28th) DAB Chairperson Starry Lee met with the Chief Executive and the Director of the Chief Executive’s Office alongside other DAB members to express the worries of the public on the development of the COVID-19 infection, especially about the supplies of masks and hand sanitizers and the immigration restriction control.  Our proposals are as follows:

  1. Stabilize prices and supplies of masks and antiseptic products

  2. Strengthen border crossings control

  3. Unify the broadcast of authoritative information to the public

  4. Enhance the consciousness and capabilities of districts against epidemic

  5. Launch a citywide cleaning campaign

  6. Pay attention to the pressure on the medical system

Chairperson Starry Lee said that we are in a critical period against the epidemic and the government should take rigorous measures and consider involvement at the preventive stage to ease the anxiety of the public.  Starry Lee said that the Chief Executive listened closely to the advice of the DAB, and hoped that she will implement preventive measures of the next phase as soon as possible.


Media Inquiries: Starry LEE, DAB Chairperson 7770 0820

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