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The DAB put forward the policy proposal titled "Promoting Hong Kong as a 'Playful City'"

August 9, 2023

The Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD) presently oversees a vast network of over 670 outdoor children's playgrounds, catering to the recreational needs of our young ones. However, these playgrounds have faced criticism in recent years due to their uninspiring and monotonous designs, failing to captivate the interest of children. In response to this pressing concern, DAB LegCo member Nixie Lam, Frankie Ngan, and DAB Executive Committee member Philip Li Ka Leung, have released a comprehensive policy proposal entitled "Promoting Hong Kong as a 'Playful City'" on August 9th. Through this proposal, they ardently call upon the government to optimize the planning, management, and community involvement in public playground facilities at the policy level, addressing the current shortcomings and rejuvenating the allure of these recreational spaces.

At the heart of the "Playful City" concept lies the aim of fostering adult support for children's play, ensuring that our young ones have access to enriching play opportunities in their immediate surroundings. This approach recognizes the immense value of play in facilitating learning, nurturing creativity, and fostering independent thinking, all of which are vital for the holistic development of our children. Simultaneously, the transformation of our urban environment into a more livable, vibrant, and high-quality space stands as an overarching goal. By promoting innovative urban design and fostering the growth of the entertainment industry, we can elevate the overall quality of life for our residents while creating a truly dynamic and engaging cityscape.

To achieve these aspirations, the proposal sets forth several key recommendations:

  1. Introduce and promote the "Playful Community" initiative, with the ultimate aim of establishing Hong Kong as a recognized "Playful City."

  2. Prioritize and safeguard the rights of children to engage in play, recognizing its fundamental importance in their development.

  3. Foster closer communication and collaboration with industry stakeholders to enhance the management and operation of play spaces.

  4. Improve and upgrade playground facilities in areas where grassroots children reside.

  5. Enhance the procurement mechanism to bridge the quality gap between playground facilities in public and private housing estates.

  6. Conduct a comprehensive reassessment of the definition of play spaces in Hong Kong, considering the specific needs and age groups of our children.

  7. Establish a community participation mechanism that actively engages the public in the planning and development of public play spaces.

  8. Develop a comprehensive database of play spaces in Hong Kong.


Media enquiries:

DAB LegCo Member Nixie Lam (6344 0879)

DAB LegCo Member Frankie Ngan (6600 2511)

DAB Executive Committee member Lee Ka Leung (9516 9156)


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