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Met with hotel industry to urge Government to step up law enforcement against unlicensed hotels

April 30, 2024

The fire in New Lucky House revealed that the building had not complied with fire safety notices and building inspection orders, and firefighting equipment failed. There were also many hostels in operation, including some suspected unlicensed or shadow hotels. The poor maintenance condition of the building undoubtedly posed a threat to residents and visitors. DAB LegCo member (Kowloon West) Vincent Cheng met with hotel industry and urged the Government step up law enforcement against unlicensed or shadow hotels. The hotel industry should also be reminded to launch some fire prevention publicity campaigns or schemes. During the Labour Day Golden Week, they should call on the industry to ensure fire escape routes in the building are clear and the firefighting equipment are effective.


Media enquiries:

LegCo Member and DAB Home Affairs Spokesperson Vincent Cheng 63731979


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