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Survey on masks for schoolchildren

Updated: May 11, 2020



In order to investigate the inventory of masks for schoolchildren and how best to deal with any potential shortage of masks, the DAB Women Affairs Committee (“the Committee”) interviewed 567 parents (valid samples) of schoolchildren aged 12 and under. The survey results showed that around 10% of schoolchildren lack masks inventory while 30% of respondents have less than 10 masks remaining.  Over 90% of respondents worried that their children will not have enough masks to wear to school whenever classes resume.  Over 40% of parents replied that they will use adult masks to cover the shortfall while nearly 20% of parents don’t know any method of dealing with the mask shortage which is worrying on many levels. 

Even though all classes are postponed indefinitely, the government should make good preparation for classes resumption.  We propose:

  • quickly set up production lines for children’s masks and announce regularly the number of children’s masks supplies and the distribution details for re-useable children’s masks, assist local firms in global procurement of machines, parts and raw material to increase the production of children’s masks.

  • the government to take up the responsibility of purchasing children’s masks and assist parents and schools to purchase children’s masks and have sufficient stock when classes resume. The PTA and school alumni are encouraged to donate any children’s masks. The government should adopt centralized purchases and distribution system for protective items for schools to ensure that the items are used properly. Schools should consider purchasing infrared body temperature checking equipment to check for fever among teachers and students.

  • schools to formulate prevention measures, such as cleaning and disinfecting the campus and contingency plans. The Health Department should assist schools to set up related cleanliness guidelines and standards.  Schools should strengthen their efforts at teaching good personal hygiene habits to schoolchildren such as washing hands and other related measures.


Media Inquiries: Legislative Councilor Elizabeth Quat (9031 7995)


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