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Support the Police in enforcing the law

January 27th, 2020


The riots regarding the extradition bill has been ongoing for seven months.  Though the number of rioters has already greatly diminished, they continue to block roads, set fires and throw petrol bombs at targeted stores.  Police officers are straining to maintain law and order.

The DAB expresses our greatest respect to the efforts of the Police to stop violence and protect the lives and properties of residents.  In face of continued provocations and attacks, the Police Force exercises restraint and tolerance, and appropriate strategies to arrest rioters.  Hong Kong people are really proud of the Force’s professionalism and excellence.

There is still a long way to go before the riots can be stopped.  The DAB and the majority of the people will fully support the Force to strictly enforce the law, working together with the Force to oppose violence and protect Hong Kong.


Media Inquiries:

Holden Chow: 3703 9870 Chan Hok-Fung: 6099 3800


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