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Response to the comments of the HK and Macau Affairs Office spokesperson on the chaos within LegCo



While answering questions raised by reporters, the spokesperson from the Hong Kong and Macau Affairs Office (HKMAO) commented that the main responsibility for the House Committee not being able to elect a chairperson for half a year falls on the temporary chair and a group of opposition legislators whose abuse of power and malicious delaying tactics hampered the ability of LegCo to uphold its constitutional responsibilities. Their behavior of total annihilation in politics is suspected to break the terms of their oaths in office and they are suspected to have committed malfeasance in public office.

As the House Committee cannot function properly, bills committees cannot be set up to discuss 14 major pieces of legislation along with over 80 pieces of subsidiary legislation. None of these pieces of legislation are able to be discussed before the amendment deadline by setting up sub-committees. There is a chance that the LegCo will lost the chance to examine bills concerning anti-epidemic and prohibition of group gathering promoted by the government to the House Committee. It is obvious that the operation of the LegCo is seriously hampered and under the current circumstances it is impossible for Legco to perform its duties required by the Basic Law. It is a matter of course for the Central Government to show concern over the issue and disapprove those legislators in the opposition who are deliberately paralyzing LegCo. It is also appropriate for the HKMAO which is in charge of Hong Kong affairs to make such comments.

The DAB is extremely frustrated at the underhanded abuse of power used by the opposition to drag Hong Kong to the abyss and block the proper functioning of LegCo. Earlier we joined other establishment councilors to send out a statement strongly condemning the abuse of power by Dennis KWOK to delay procedures.

Hong Kong is facing the COVID-19 outbreak and our economy is in a downward spiral so we can’t afford such infighting. The opposition’s attempts at hindering the normal functioning of LegCo will only harm the people of Hong Kong. We therefore strongly demand Dennis KWOK to apologize sincerely to the people of Hong Kong, correct the error and make it possible for LegCo to resume its function once more.


Media Inquiries: Legislative Councilor Gary Chan (77700829)​

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